Jingu (Geku/Naiku)

Considered the highest-ranking shrine in the hierarchy, the Grand Shrine of Ise, worships Amaterasu Omikami, the predecessor of the Imperial family, in the Naiku. Meanwhile, the other main compound known as Geku, houses Toyouke Omikami, the provider of sacred foods to Amaterasu Omikami and the deity of agriculture and industry who bestows rice and other daily necessities to the people. Although the shrine is commonly introduced as Ise Jingu, the official name is “Jingu” without the “Ise”. Be greeted by the beautiful Uji bridge at the entrance of Naiku that is said to guide people from everyday life to the sacred world. Just like other shrines, visitors who wish to worship are required to undergo a purification process of rinsing their mouths and washing their hands at the font (Temizusha). Alternatively, one can also purify the minds and bodies at the pristine Isuzu River. At the heart of the naiku is the main sanctuary (Kotaijingu) where Amaterasu Omikami is enshrined. Surrounded by fences, this most sacred area is off-limits to general visitors, though one may still approach to the first gate. Thanks to the Shikinen Sengu ceremony, a relocation process of the gods to the new shrine every 20 years, Kotaijingu has preserved the shape of its original form thousands of years ago. The two main compounds, Naiku and Geku, are linked by a local bus. While it is customary for worshippers to visit Geku before Naiku, a priority visit to the Naiku is highly recommended for those short of time.

Jingu (Naiku/Geku)

AddressUjitachi-machi 1, Ise-shi, Mie 516-0023
OpenJan-Apr: 5 am~6 pm
May-Aug: 5 am~7 pm
Sept: 5 am~6 pm
Oct-Dec: 5 am~5 pm
*12/31~1/5 open 24h
ClosedOpen every day
WebsiteIse Jingu
AccessBy Train:
Kintetsu Train Line
Kintetsu Super Express: Kyoto to Ujiyamada 2 h 10 min
Kintetsu Super Express: Osaka Uehonmachi to Ujiyamada 1 h 50 min
Kintetsu Super Express : Nagoya to Ujiyamada 1 h 30 min

JR Train Line
JR Express : Nagoya to Ise-shi 1 h 37 min

To Naiku: 15 min bus ride from Kintetsu Ujiyamada Station
To Geku: 5 min walk from JR. Kintestsu Ise-shi Station

By Car:
To Naiku: 5 min drive after exit from Ise-nishi Interchange or Ise Interchange on Ise Highway
To Geku: 5 min drive after exit from Ise-nishi Interchange on Ise Highway
Entrance FeeFree
ParkingPaid parking available