Matsusaka Chicken Yakinuku

Since being featured on a popular TV program, the national demand for our chicken yakiniku has flown through the roof!
In our area, chicken yakiniku has been a well-loved soul food for a long time. We lather the chicken with our sweet and spicy thick miso sauce then grill it to perfection. The flavoring comes from using a simple red miso sauce, a method which has been passed down by our local families and farmers in Matsusaka for over 100 years.
Following in the footsteps of Matsusaka beef, our chicken yakiniku has become more widespread and popularity continues to rise for our 20 restaurants within the city. Come on over and meet the locals while enjoying our Matsusaka style juicy, delicious chicken yakiniku!

For inquiries regarding restaurants and shops, please email the Matsusaka Tourism Association.
Matsusaka Tourism Association


人気テレビ番組で紹介されてから国内で人気急上昇中なのは鶏焼肉! 牛肉以外に地元で長年愛されているソウルフードで、鶏肉に甘辛く濃い味噌だれを絡めて焼きます。味付けに使うのは100年以上前から松阪地方の家庭や農家で一般的だった赤味噌。 松阪牛で焼き肉文化が浸透していた松阪では、鶏の焼き肉のお店も人気が出始め、今では市内で20店舗ほどのお店ができました。地元の人たちとふれあいながら、ジューシーで美味しい鶏焼肉を楽しめますよ!