Matsusaka Pork

Matsusaka pigs, like our cows, are raised in a rich natural environment and are extremely famous within the Japanese pig farming industry. The most acclaimed characteristic of our pork is its high percentage of collagen in the fat, a whopping 70%, making it great for beauty care. When cooked or grilled, Matsusaka pork doesn’t shrink or get tough; the meat stays beautifully tender and smooth. Within our city, you can enjoy Matsusaka pork shabu-shabu style at our newly opened restaurants, as well as try some freshly fried pork cutlets and pork skewers served at our local butcher shops. Matsusaka pork is well-known only to those in the know, so why not be one the of the first to try it before the word gets out!
For inquiries regarding restaurants and shops, please email the Matsusaka Tourism Association.
Matsusaka Tourism Association

「松阪豚」は、松阪牛と同じ豊かな自然の中で、日本養豚業界のレジェンドに育てられています。最大の特徴は脂身で、コラーゲンをなんと70%も含んでいるため美容にも最適! 焼いても縮んで固くならず、しっとりした肉質となめらかな脂質をキープします。市内では、松阪豚の揚げたてのメンチカツや串カツなどが食べられる精肉店、松阪豚のしゃぶしゃぶなどを楽しめるお店がオープンしたばかり。