Ise Shima Toba

 History of the Ise Jingu  History of the Ise Jingu

Amaterasu Omikami, the ancestor of the Emperor …more

 Ise Jingu  Ise Jingu

Considered the highest-ranking shrine in the hi…more

 World’s first cultivated pearl  World’s first cultivated pearl

Koichi Mikimoto became the first person in the …more

 History and Culture of Ama  History and Culture of Ama

Traditional female divers known as Ama are not …more

 Camera Spot  Camera Spot

Let's go to see the beautiful scene of Ise…more

 Oysters  Oysters

Blessed with plankton-rich waters and excellent…more

 Mochi Culture  Mochi Culture

At Ise, one may have noticed a vibrant “mochi c…more

 Ryokan  Ryokan

Slip off your shoes and enter a world that is e…more