Where to stay

Ryokan (Japanese-style hotel)

Slip off your shoes and enter a world that is entirely Japanese at traditional Japanese inns. With tatami rooms framed in heavy wooden beams and an overall architecture style reminiscent of Edo-period, some ryokans evoke a more rustic charm than others. Nonetheless, most of them are equipped with modern features and hot spring facilities where one can enjoy a moment of peace and retreat from the tensions of the external world.




Enjoy a luxurious stay at the hotels which offer spectacular views. Some like the Toba International Hotel and Shima Kanko Hotel provide the choice of Japanese or Western rooms. Shuttle bus services from hotels to the nearest stations may be available. The superior services and sincere hospitality at the hotels are bound to exceed guests’ expectations.

Small Scale Guest house

For those on a budget, guesthouses such as Kazami and Yumebito House offer convenient and comfortable accommodation at reasonable prices. Basic amenities such as shower rooms and bathrooms are shared. Those looking for a traditional Japanese experience can consider Hoshidekan or Kaigetsu which offer futon beds on tatami floors and Japanese style baths.

Hot springs

In Japan, there are thousands of hot springs that are used to make public baths known as Onsen. There is a Japanese phrase Hadaka-No-Tukiai or “Naked Communication” which refers not only to bathing itself, but also to the way in which people speak with one another at the onsen . All barriers are broken: age, nationality, cultural background; One can communicate freely in the atmosphere of the onsen.

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